Wzrok i słuch
Muzyka i malarstwo
Obraz i dźwięk
Kolor i akord

A może nawet więcej...

obraz: Sylvia Nitti


Wlastimil Hofman/Vlastimil Hofmann

Polish and Czech artist, 20th century

- born in Prague but most of his life lived in Poland in Szklarska Poręba;
- changed his Czech name Vlastimil Hofmann to more Polish-looking Wlastimil Hofman;
- was a student of Jacek Malczewski and Leon Wyczółkowski

There is so much nostalgy and warmth in his paintings... 

Violinist and an Angel, 1923

Girls Playing, 1917


 One of the most famous and most beautiful paintings:
Madonna, 1909

Both pictures - the one on th eleft and the one just below are called Spring. I put them here to make winter fall asleep and invite spring.
And one more portrait of spring made by children in kindergarten:
And the artist's photo:
Wlastmil Hofman and his wife Ada in Venice


Jerzy Nowosielski

Jerzy Nowosielski
Polish artist

Oktoich - Panichida - Wiecznaja pamiat'Polish painter Jerzy Nowosielski died on 21st February 2011 at the age of 88. He was one of the most well-known contemporary painters, illustrators and designers in Poland. He was famous for his religious paintings - polychromes, wall paintings, iconostases - as well as female nudes, portraits, landscapes, still life and abstract pictures. His works were inspired by the Byzantine style - he was a philosopher and theologian of the Orthodox Church.
In 1996 he and his wife Zofia set up the Nowosielski Foundation whose aim is to support and give awards to young, promising artists.

When I saw his wall paintings in the parish church in Wesoła I was really impressed. They are great.
Polychromy in Wesoła

Virgin of Częstochowa

Portret podwójny

A stamp

The Cellist
A pianist's fiancee/Narzeczona pianisty
National Museum in Poznań, Poland


Quang Ho

 Vietnamese-American artist
born in Vietnam in 1863
immigrated to the USA
More about the author HERE.
Chamber Bass Section


Ho Quang

Vietnamese artist
born in 1929 in Khanh Hoa
 His works can be seen at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum 


Elżbieta Giza

Dziś dla odmiany bardzo kolorowo :-) Dla mnie powiew ciepła, słońca, radości i nadziei. Dwa pierwsze mogłabym mieć na co dzień przed oczami. A ostatni sentymentalnie...

Contemporary Polish artist

Melodies in the Flowers

Let's Play for Butterflies

My Sax

Violin in Fire, 2008

Violin Players in Love, 2008

 Narodziny lotów / Born to Fly


Ton That Dao

Ton That Dao
Vietnamese artist


Lionel Picker

born 1949 in New York
Contemporary American painter

Young Pianist

An Evocation of Greece

Young Cellist at Practice in an Instrument-Maker's

Composition for Strings

Mandoline, book of Turner Watercolours

A Young Woman with Lute and Letters

Pianist Awaiting the Cue

Cellist a la Baroque